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How has health care law addressed changes in technology?

We live in an age of technological advancements, and the health care industry has seen major changes in the way patients' information is recorded and stored. Hand-written notes and rows of file folders have been replaced in many health care facilities in North Carolina and nationwide by electronic records. These electronic records may be used by health care providers and insurers, but it is important that these records are kept confidential.

We understand health care law and how the industry works

Due to a plethora of legal and regulatory issues, health care providers in Greensboro, North Carolina, require efficient and effective legal assistance. Disputes can arise between providers and the government and between providers and patients. It is important to have advice that is both reliable and up to date. An example of an area where this is very important is the opioid epidemic and the government response to it.

Controlled Substance Reporting System expanding in North Carolina

North Carolina health care providers know that their industry is very heavily regulated and that compliance with these regulations is a must. Whether it is compliance with government mandates such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or choosing a corporate form appropriate for health care providers, there can be a lot of health care law to keep track of. A recent initiative announced last month it typical of the kind of thing providers will want to follow carefully. Delays For Small Businesses

EMRcomputer.jpgThe Obama Administration announced a year delay in's small business functions. The administration had previously delayed online enrollment from October 1, 2013 to the end of November. The announcement did not come as a surprise to many small businesses as they have already made other plans for insuring their workers in 2014, frequently achieved by renewing the existing policies.

Changes in NC Medicaid Claims Processing

On July 1, 2013 a much anticipated change will take place in the North Carolina Medicaid system when the state's 34-year-old claims processing computer system, known as Legacy, will be retired and replaced by the new system, NC Tracks. After being awarded a contract in 2008, Computer Sciences Corporation ("CSC"), a Virginia-based company, developed the system based on a similar system currently in place in New York. CSC will manage call centers, claims processing, prior authorization reviews, pharmacy processes, and medical policy reviews.

Is Concierge Medicine For You?

With the Affordable Care Act now a reality, many physicians are looking for ways to improve their bottom line. Providers are concerned that shrinking reimbursements and more complicated insurance requirements are going to whittle away at their profit margins. The public sees doctors as a part of the elite upper class, but doctors face money worries as well. Hundreds of thousands in student loans, overhead for a practice, malpractice insurance and their own bills all weigh heavily on physicians. The reality of being paid less to see more people is frightening and has many providers looking for an alternative. For up to 5,000 of those doctors in the United States, concierge medicine has been the answer.

Disposing of Paper Charts: When and How

We have discussed choosing the right EMR. You have picked your system, gotten the training, and gone live. You are living happily-ever-after with your electronic charts. But what about all of those paper charts that are lurking in your practice? What should happen to them? There are rules and regulations about when and how they can be disposed of.

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