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Address partnership disputes in North Carolina before they arise

Entering a new partnership can be the start of a great business endeavor. Many entrepreneurs in North Carolina decide that by combining forces, they can introduce to the market a business that is stronger than it would be if it were a sole proprietorship. However, during the business formation process, business partners should anticipate that during the course of doing business, partnership disputes could arise. Fortunately, there are steps business partners can take from the get-go to mitigate the chance of partnership disputes occurring in the future.

An introduction to breach of contract in North Carolina

Businesses enter into contracts with the expectation that the terms of the contract will be fulfilled. Yet contract parties often fail to perform according to the letter of the contracts that obligate them to perform. North Carolina's legal system offers a remedy for parties who have been hurt by a failure to respect a contract. This blog post will provide a quick overview of what happens when a breach of contract is alleged.

Antitrust considerations for Greensboro companies mulling M&A

Greensboro businesses may decide that participating in a merger or acquisition makes good business sense. Whether it is taking advantage of market synergies or simply filling a gap in core competencies, mergers or acquisitions can be a good idea. There may be some legal formalities that must be attended to, however, before a merger or acquisition can be executed. This blog post will briefly discuss one of these possible formalities: compliance with antitrust law.

Employee Handbooks: The Key to Clear Expectations

An employee handbook is vital to every business, whether it has one or one thousand employees. Communicating expectations and company guidelines is important in maintaining a healthy work environment. Employees must be able to understand what is expected of them. A well thought out and clearly written handbook lays out all policies and rules so nothing is left to misinterpretation. It is much better to let staff focus on their jobs instead of ever changing office policy. A handbook takes the guesswork out for everyone.

Benefits of Healthcare Law

In the business world, medical practices face a unique set of challenges. In addition to the normal issues involving employees, contracts, and collections, they have the added responsibility of caring for patients while protecting their privacy. This is where an attorney who specializes in health care comes in. Not only can a good lawyer help with the business side of owning and operating a practice, but the distinctive needs of the medical industry can be addressed. In the current atmosphere, privacy and protection of medical and personal information is of the utmost importance. Each practice must evaluate the way it is operating and learn the best and most effective ways to follow a set of laws that are always evolving. Doctors and staff can look to a trusted firm to help navigate their practice through the world of business and the world of HIPAA

Benefits of Using a Business Lawyer

Navigating the world of business ownership is challenging. Decisions are made every day that effect the quality and profitability of every business, small or large. Employees must be hired and fired, contracts signed, monies collected, and rules followed. Owners bear the brunt of this responsibility, but hiring a qualified law firm to guide and assist you is good business sense. The legal maze of owning and operating a lucrative business is always changing. Mistakes can be avoided and potential problematic situations can be squashed with the help of a knowledgeable attorney.
There are key things that a comprehensive business attorney can provide. They may seem like common sense, but a thorough understanding of law improves both the process and outcome.

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