Building a business is exciting and sometimes overwhelming. On any given day, you make numerous decisions that impact your company’s success. Even a seasoned entrepreneur will occasionally make a mistake.

As your business gets bigger, you may wonder if it time to register your company’s trademark. On one hand, it seems like the smart thing to do. On the other hand, you wonder if it will provide much benefit. Here are some reasons why you may want to register your company’s trademark.

Ensures your trademark is unique

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recommends you conduct a trademark search before you apply to register your trademark. Conducting a search prior allows you to identify any similar trademarks or ways in which your trademark is too generic. Identifying these problems will save you from being denied by the trademark office. It may also inspire you to rethink your trademark and come up with an even better way to identify your brand.

Makes you instantly recognizable

Much of a company’s success is tied to their online presence today. Having a trademark makes your brand instantly recognizable, so customers can quickly identify your products online. You can also slap your trademark on a bag, box or a pair of your shoes, so when these items walk down the street, you advertise your business to whoever walks by.

Lends authority

Like the check beside a person’s name on Twitter, seeing a R symbol next to company’s name lends a sense of authority and legitimacy to your business.

Provides legal protections

After you register your trademark with the USPTO, anyone else who uses your trademark will be infringing on it. You can bring an infringement claim against them and may be able to collect damages.

Though you do not legally have to register a trademark in the U.S., it can help ensure your mark is unique, make your brand instantly recognizable, give authority and protect you against other businesses trying to use your mark for financial gain.