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Connors Morgan, PLLC, was founded in 2005 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Called "The Business Practice," Connors Morgan, PLLC, makes it a point of pride to provide businesses, families and individuals with the insights required to manage their needs effectively and intelligently. Learn more about the experience of our lawyers by reviewing their detailed biographies:

Focused on Your Business and Personal Legal Needs

Our attorneys combine years of experience with personalized attention. That means you work with our attorneys directly, which allows us and our entire team to get to know you, your business and your legal needs. With Connors Morgan, PLLC, you get personal treatment without sacrificing the level of care you might expect from a larger firm.

At Connors Morgan, PLLC, WE PLAY FOR THE TEAM. This approach serves our clients in a way that is both legally sound and financially effective. We stand ready to assist business owners and businesses small and large, new and old.

Connors Morgan, PLLC, accommodates your business needs by offering value-based billing for some services. Talk with our attorneys to see if the legal services you request qualify for value-based billing.

Connors Morgan, PLLC, Values Statement

We at Connors Morgan, PLLC, serve our clients and ourselves by adhering to our values of excellence, integrity and dedication to service.

We promise:

  • To deliver excellence through professionalism, accuracy, meticulous attention to detail and current legal knowledge
  • To maintain the highest integrity by standing with our clients and behind our work product and by practicing law with compassion
  • To serve our clients with dedication by honoring commitments, listening and learning, avoiding risk and seeking reward, and providing a balanced perspective. Through this approach, our clients find value and commitment in our legal services.

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