Are there any new laws proposed by the legislature in North Carolina that we should know about?

There is a new House Bill 789, The End of Life OptionAct. This would allow certain terminally ill patients to end theirlives in a "humane and dignified" manner with a physicianprescribeddrug. A number of conditions must be met.

(1) The patient must be a least 18 years old.

(2) The patient must be a resident of North Carolina.

(3) The patient must have capacity to make medicaldecisions.

(4) The patient must have the physical and mental ability toself-administer the drug.

(5) The patient's attending physician must be licensed inNorth Carolina.

The physician must verify the diagnosis, prognosis andmental capacity. A physician that practices separately isrequired to confirm all the items listed above.

Keep an eye out to determine if this bill is passed andbecomes law in North Carolina.

~Karen McKeithen Schaede

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