Welcome to “The Business Practice”

WHERE BUSINESS AND LAW MEET. We are business lawyers working with entrepreneurs and business owners to grow and manage their businesses and lessen the potential for liability. We help owners and executives of all types of companies navigate complex legal and business processes to anticipate and avoid problems. Because we have experience as business owners and not just business lawyers, we know how to confront the same issues that our clients confront every day, and that gives us a clearer, more practical understanding of how to help them succeed in today’s business environment.

A FULL MENU OF SERVICES FOR BUSINESS OWNERS. You need an attorney for the full life of your business. We can help you with the buying or formation and financing of your new business. We can draft and review agreements and loan documents, handle business disputes, and work with you on employment and tax issues. We can plan for your business’s succession and asset protection and assist you in selling a business or shutting the doors. We can even help you in troubled times with business workouts or commercial bankruptcy. We also offer estate planning services and family law services. An ownership interest in a business can be a substantial asset subject to equitable distribution in the event of separation and divorce. We are ready to help make this transition as smooth as possible.

WE PLAY FOR THE TEAM. We take the position that business leaders need to view their accountants, bankers, lawyers, and other consultants as a team, and we encourage our clients to introduce us to their "team members" and allow us to work together, rather than in a vacuum, so that we can serve our clients in a way that is legally sound and financially effective. We stand ready to assist business owners and businesses, small and large, new and old.  We practice law -- and we practice business.

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