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Q: Can you tell me some things to avoid when firing an employee?

A: You can fire anyone at any time for any reason or no reason. This is what employment-at-will is all about. Most employers, however, try to take the easiest course. And usually, that is no action – avoidance. They hope things will improve. If things do not improve, here are five things to keep in mind. […]

What is Ransomware and should I be afraid of it?

Ransomware is used by cybercriminal to require payment from a practice by demanding quick and direct payment to release information that has been encrypted. Ransomware attacks have quadruped this year, averaging 4,000 per day, according to the Justice Department.  HHS has put out a “Fact Sheet” on “Ransomware and HIPAA” which treats ransomware as a […]

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